The DEKRA Battery Test forElectricCars

Electric vehicles (EV) are increasingly popular as the world pivots away from fossil fuels, and this transition means that used electric cars will be the preferred option for many. It is therefore imperative to accurately and easily evaluate their performance and value, which depends to a considerable degree on the remaining capacity of the battery. High-voltage battery tests have been time-consuming and lacking in the transparency and objectivity that fosters confidence—until now.

An electric car battery test from the electromobility specialists
The DEKRA battery test for electric cars is fast, reliable and neutral, elevating the existing standard for high-voltage battery assessments. As electromobility experts with many years of experience, we know that the State of Health (SoH), defined as the remaining capacity, of a used electric car’s battery impacts the value and performance of the vehicle. Our webbased application battery test for electric cars provides an accurate picture of the battery’s State of Health, determined on the basis of a 15-minute analysis. Covering a large number of electric car models from different car manufacturers, you get neutral, independent battery test results that you can rely on when driving, buying and selling used electric cars.
High-voltage battery State of Health (SoH) in minutes
Our solution delivers what car dealerships, leasing companies and private customers need in order to buy, sell and operate used electric cars with ease and confidence: > High-voltage battery SoH analysis completed in 15 minutes > A simple, user-friendly process: connect – accelerate – report > Transparent, reliable test results independent of car brands > Easy-to-read SoH report on remaining battery capacity.



The EV Battery Test: 4 Simple Steps

1. Preparation
Access the battery test URL from the smartphone and connect the Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) to the cable and the cable to the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port of the vehicle.

2. Static test
Required diagnostic data is read out, allowing the software to verify the vehicle’s general readiness.


3. Dynamic test
During a brief acceleration—approximately 100 m—data is gathered so that the patented algorithm can perform its calculations.


4. DEKRA report
After the test is completed, the battery State of Health is displayed directly on the smartphone. The entire report can be send by email to user.


An objective SoH report boosts transparency and confidence
The DEKRA report is intended to enhance confidence and trust between buyers, sellers and users of used electric cars. To this end, we have ensured that the document presents the essential information—first and foremost the battery’s residual capacity—in easy-to-understand terms. Its validity is a function of our patented algorithm, which has been independently verified by the prestigious RWTH Aachen University. So far, a large range of car models can be tested, and we are continuously working to expand our database to include even more.


Our electric car battery test is one of many solutions promoting safety and sustainability developed as part of our long-standing partnership with the automotive industry. Anticipating industry adaptations, we have intensified our activities and research in electromobility, maintaining our position at the forefront of automotive innovation. We continue to serve as a third-party service provider recognized for our expertise and committed to thinking forward for the good of our customers and for a safe, sustainable world.


Service Price
When the battery test is performed in our main office with location str. Suhodolska 102, 1373 Sofia. 200 лв
When the battery test is performed at the location of the customer, in region of Sofia and when all the test poligon requirmenst are met. 240 лв 


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